This website is intended to give a quick overview of my work as well as to share various reflections and stories, past and present, concerning photography, journalism, and whatever else I might consider appropriate or of interest.

Originally from the United States, Paris has been my home since the early seventies. For thirty of those years, I worked as a photojournalist for Sipa Press, covering armed conflict, natural catastrophes and political upheaval from Panama to Tiananmen Square and from the Balkans to the Middle East (see video here) ; often on assignment for the major international news magazines.

You will find a portfolio of some of this work along with a short bio and a list of the major stories I covered. Since leaving Sipa Press at the end of 2011, I have become more involved in multimedia production while continuing to follow certain stories. In the thirty plus years that I have worked as a photographer the medium and the business, have undergone tremendous change : from silver-based film and wet labs to digital files and dematerialization.

It is a new time for the medium and the profession, bewildering and exhilarating, yet the necessity of bearing witness and reporting on the human condition remain ever important to me. My natural curiosity and passion for photography and story-telling are intact and as intense as ever.
Enjoy the visit…